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In April this year, our Club celebrates 100 years of service to the local community with a proud legacy of projects that have helped thousands of less fortunate communities. The Rotary Club of Johannesburg was also the 1st Rotary Club on the Continent of Africa, thereby making this an African celebration as well.

The Centennial project for the Rotary Club of Johannesburg ‘NUTRITION FOR EDUCATION’ fits in with the club’s flagship project Educational Facilities Committee (EDFAC) which has been running since 1936. Malnutrition is a huge problem in our disadvantaged areas and since the onset of COVID-19 the problem has multiplied, where 1 in 3 children were already suffering from malnutrition-induced stunting. For these children to have a meaningful education and future, it is imperative that they receive the correct nourishment.

The Rotary Cub of Johannesburg is a registered NPO and PBO. Corporates will be issued with a CSI certificate for their sponsorship/donation.

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Nkosi Challenge

The Nkosi Challenge is a movement to activate communities to support children in their own areas against malnutrition. All spheres of society are needed to take hands in support of the children of South Africa. The most vulnerable people group (ages 1-6) are entering a time of crisis and we are fighting against time to “future-proof” the next generation. The children have no voice, collective bargaining power or hope other than reliance on people who care. A nation cannot be in a better state than its children. This is a cause we can all unite around.

It is estimated that nearly a third of SA children have already been robbed of their mental and physical abilities, to a degree, due to malnutrition. These statistics predate the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The increasing rate of hunger and malnutrition is compounding daily and the mortality rates among children are expected to rise during 2021.

Nearly 30% of all South African children are malnourished to such an extent that their physical and cognitive development has been permanently stunted.

 #NkosiChallenge is a society-wide action to create nutritional safety nets for children in Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers as they are not covered by the National School Feeding Program. A direct and transparent line is drawn between the funder and the beneficiary through an adoption model that creates a sustainable intervention with measurable impact and accountability.

Nkosi Superbar is a Ready-To-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF), designed as a malnutrition intervention, in collaboration with leading experts. It is a powerful weapon in the fight for securing children’s physical and cognitive potential. Nkosi aims to create a taste experience to ensure universal acceptability and palatability, while delivering unrivalled nutrition versus cost and ease of distribution.

The Nkosi range of products is designed as a modular intervention that can take shape around the need in a community, considering current food security and the nutritional profile of an ECD center.

RUTF’s are not a replacement for whole foods, but an intervention for children who, due to food insecurity or therapeutic challenges, have deficient diets without the macro and micro-nutrients required for growth and development. Adding these interventions to existing feeding schemes, which are struggling

to provide sufficient nutrition, is a scalable and measurable tool that can help keep children safe. The supplemental programs are designed around the need of the specific children and periodically delivered depending on the location.

The Nkosi Challenge creates a space where business, academia, healthcare providers, food technologists, agriculture and civil society can collaborate to fast track the development and distribution of effective RUTF’s and ready solutions that can be applied in the rapidly deteriorating landscape of child nutrition.Every single meal makes a difference, HOW CAN YOU HELP?

Partner with the Rotary Club of Johannesburg to adopt an Early Childhood Development Centre

– #NkosiChallenge.

Feed a child, save the future.

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