Some of our Projects

Bosmont Crèche | A crèche was built and fully equipped for 150 children in Bosmont.

Nancefield Crèche            | A crèche financed and built for 100 children in a “deprived area”.

Mogogelo School | A school was built and equipped for over 100 mentally handicapped children in a poor rural community some 120km north-west of Johannesburg. Financial support for this major project also came from the Rotary Foundation and clubs in Britain, USA and Canada.

Woodside Sanctuary | Substantial support together with the installation of a solid financial management structure was bestowed on this home in Johannesburg for severely handicapped children. Projects to benefit and improve the lives of children have provided a strong motivation in our club, however, action to benefit deprived adults have been equally effective…

Rotary Park | A retirement village comprising 92 single and 8 double cottages and flats was financed and built to house Johannesburg senior citizens who were not eligible for state pensions. Makapanstad Craft Club: A large crafts and skills centre was built in this rural village in North West province. Inhabitants are taught skills such as sewing, knitting, typing and carpentry – faculties that have a profound effect in an area with very little formal employment opportunities

Griff’s Committee | An extremely beneficial project that has consistently involved many of our members for over 25 years ~ a project that first provided films, and in later years, videos, to orphanages and senior citizen’s homes in various areas of the city.

Ma Dube’s Clinic | Resources were bought together to build a clinic in Vosloorus township for sister Dolly Dube, a remarkable and dedicated woman, who in her own small house, had delivered over 6000 babies. For her outstanding achievements, Dolly received one of only 95 Jean Harris awards given worldwide by Rotary International.

Rotary Literacy House | This promotion of adult literacy and training is possibly one of the most significant projects undertaken by the club. Over R2,000,000 was raised with the assistance of the Rotary Foundation, to purchase, renovate and equip a large building in downtown Johannesburg to establish a major learning centre for underprivileged and uneducated adults.

Salvation Army House | The club raised substantial overseas financial support for the building of this home for babies of HIV affected mothers in Soweto.

The Educational Facilities Committee

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The Rotary Club of Johannesburg’s Educational Facilities Committee was established in 1936, making this an 80 year old initiative that has stood the test of time.

By facilitating quality learning in the primary, secondary and tertiary phases, The Committee believes that a host of problems currently facing South Africa can be overcome. We believe that education is the key to solving Africa’s problems, especially when partnered with responsible leadership.

The Committee finances learners’ and students’ school and university/college fees as well as other education-related costs, and individual mentors build relationships with their assigned students. Mentors help their students achieve their full potential and succeed in their various academic paths. The Committee’s holistic approach to all-round development and mentoring also means that underprivileged children are exposed to, not only academic excellence but gain a fresh perspective on areas such as budgeting, goal setting, life skills and career guidance which they might not always receive in their home environment.

The Rotarian mentors who volunteer on this committee give of their time, talents and money and play their part in fostering a positive change in each child’s life. We ask you to consider doing the same. In order for the Committee to continue its 80-year-old legacy, members of the Rotary Club of Johannesburg continually raise funds through various fundraising events and the sourcing of once-off donations and continuous annual grants. Their preference is for sustainable annual commitments over a period of time (e.g. an annual donation commitment for 3 years) as we believe that smaller annual contributions will help smooth any cash flow burden on the donor. This will also give the donor the chance to assess their contribution before deciding if they would like to partner on a long term basis.

The Rotary Club of Johannesburg is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO Number 042-848-NPO) and is able to provide Section 18A certificates for tax deduction purposes in South Africa. 100% of the funds donated are spent on school and university fees and related educational expenses such as textbooks, uniforms, transport, etc. Additional fundraising is undertaken for Rotary administration costs eg: bank fees etc. No Rotarian takes any salary or financial reward for serving on The Committee as mentors.

Certain students who have performed exceptionally well through the school-level mentorship program will be sponsored for university fees by the Rotary Club of Johannesburg. A full report and breakdown of all donor expenditure is available on request and is also included in our annual report which is provided to all benefactors. We earnestly encourage you to consider supporting us in our mission to provide access to quality educational opportunities to under-privileged children in South Africa.

Thank you for considering us. Should you require any further information, please contact us as via our online contact form. Together we can make a difference in paving the way to a brighter future for the generations to come.

Yours sincerely,

Rotary Club of Johannesburg Educational Facilities Committee

Key Points

  1. Currently 38 children are supported (35 primary and secondary school learners and 3 university students)
  2. School fees and other legitimate educational expenses are paid through internal control systems which require proof of transaction at all times
  3. Annual reporting and strong governance principles are practised
  4. The Rotary Club of Johannesburg is registered as an NPO 5 to 10 Rotarians serve as members of The Committee, each mentoring an average of 4 learners/students a year
  5. The Committee has supported the provision of quality education and mentorship to learners and students since 1936, meaning over 80 years of commitment to improving the lives of children
  6. Fundraising is done to ensure that sustainable support is offered to school-going children and to

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